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I have different talents such as: leadership,influencing ,cognitive abilities,public speaking,ambiguity and forecasting,problem solving, decission making and risk taking. I have also, differnt expact skills such as: psychological qualities(personal drive, flexibility, organizationa and patience.), social quality, managerial skills, leadership, problem solving skills, negotian skills

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business angels and fund supporters.I need technique assistance, to apply science and technology (or IT) so that I can offer the services global especial during this COVID-19, I need starting capital $10,000 .The fund will be used to cutter for the renting house (counselling room/classes and office), purchasing training materials and other equipments, finalizing official documents (business lessen), marketing and advertising our services, managerial cost :and paying staff for the first three months. The above support, it will help me to implement my project idea. I have tried a little bit, Please see instergram:merbucenter

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I am Emmanuel Bujashi, and I was born on December 1986, in the village of Malya, Mwanza into a polygamous and extended family. I have had lost my parents when I was six years. I was supported by different well-wishers and organization to achieve my education. I am one of the mostly highly youth struggle to meet my dreams and facilitates other youth to meet their dreams.
I have recently completed their rigorous diploma in psychology counselling alongside a diploma in social work and community development, having already acquired the certificate in counselling in 2015. Prior to that I have studied at the Moshi University College of Co-operative and Business Studies (MUCCoBS) – Tanzania, studying cooperative management and accounting and I have extensive work experience in both Kenya and Tanzania. A former ambassador (2012-2014) of Environment and Social Responsibility Award from Excel with Gland Malt-Tanzania Breweries Limited

The work of almost every prominent, story books author, change maker, and poet in history has been heavily influenced motivated and inspire me to reach my success: and assisting others to reach their success too.
I have been awarded different awards such as money instead of trophy to recognize my effort as a former ambassador (2012-2014) of Environment and Social Responsibility Award from Excel with Gland Malt-Tanzania Breweries Limited. Also, I have been awarded a badge for Kill Manjoro Marathon. Not only that but also, I have received different academic certificates : and other certificates such as: YALENETWORK-Certificate in Fundamentals of starting and Running a business, Member of Parliament of Moshi University Student Organization(MUCSO) , Secretary of Moshi University College Students’ Organization(MUCSO) constitution review,

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