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Mercy Melody Kayodi


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Entrepreneurship, Public speaking and Leadership

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Mentorship, Networks, guidancde and financial support.

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Growing up in a society associated with poverty, inequality, crime among others has always been a pushing factor for me to want to be part of the change i have always wanted to see.

I have always been passion driven and i will always say this, i only and only work in line with my passion reason for my level of success both in career and leadership.

I care about Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Humanity. Those are the things i care about most.

The people i have interacted with and know me will always associate me with these three and whenever someone is needed, they have never failed to let me know.

I have received a couple of awards and recognition among which are,
An award by the dean diplomatic corps and the UN country resident cordinator for my voluntary act during the diplomatic charity galla in December 2014.

For being the most informed during the balloon ICS volunteer program in August 2015.

Outstanding essay for the Barclays Bank young Leaders mentorship program by the Leadership Centre mubs.

Participation in the Inter University human rights debate by the Human Right Initiative Foundation Uganda in March 2015.

Distinguished service award by the United Nations Association of Uganda in 2015.

As founding president of the Mubs Public speakers’ Forum.

Founding vice president of the Mubs Human rights clubs.

Head Youth action group UNiTED partnerships.

Project coordinator UNAU Mubs by the United Nations Association of Uganda.

Director General caucus one in the 6th UMUN- Model United Nations

Delegate of Nigeria UMUN by the United Nations Association of Uganda.

Vice president of the Hope Initiative- CCG Centre for Constitutional Governance.

Minister for Information and public relations for the Mubs University students’ guild by the Mubs Dean of Students.

Among others.

For me to attain most of these in a space of three years has never been by mistake or by pity of “she is a girl” but because of my immense contribution towards positive impact and change in society.

My love for public speaking and presentation to voice out people’s concerns has also always given me an upper hand in attaining all these positions either by election or appointment.