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Mervin Kamchacha


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Business communication, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and management

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people to help for proper and effective implementation of the business for greater social impact. Besides, looking for funds to financially support the business which is currently operating at a very small scale using the personal pocket money.

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I am Mervin Kamchacha aged 24 and I am a final year undergraduate student in Business management at Pentecostal Life University, Malawi.
As a young man, living and seeing the positive impact in my society has been my motivation and that is why I always participates in programs that can bring a positive change to my nation. For the past years I have been holding a number of positions in different youths organizations that gave me an opportunity to understand some of the challenges the youths are facing and how to address them accordingly.
As a young entrepreneur, I have good business analytical skills, good listening and communication skills, and I am determined and committed to what brings change for my nation. For the past few years I have been living as an entrepreneur these are qualities that has and are contributing to my success as a small entrepreneur.
As a young entrepreneur who always love to see Africa being changed for better, for a number of times I have been participating in competitions that seeks best solutions to common challenges that African countries, and mostly Malawi is facing. Therefore in the year 2018, I received my first award from the World Bank Malawi after my business idea on how to create decent jobs among the youths of Malawi, emerged to be one of the winners and as a prize I had an opportunity to do internship program in its country offices in the country.