• Sesan Adenugba posted an update in the group Entrepreneurship Campus 3 years, 3 months ago

    Please I want the admin and members in the house to help me.. I received a text that my project was accepted, later again I received this following text: “We just analyzed your idea.. and have come to the following conclusion:
    This is a duplicate idea.
    This means, that we cannot accept your project in this current state to proceed to the second stage – participating in the competition. However, we believe the success of your project might increase when you work on it a bit more. We suggest you participate in the online trainings and learn the different techniques to approach your project concept.” Please! House what should I do? Hope I can still participate after the online training?

    • Ok! Thanks brother. You are loved.

    • @ Sesan, you could also possibly try to look through the projects or ideas and see if you could find what the organisers says already exists. You could learn a lot from this particular one: what is it actually? is it really the same as yours in all aspects, what can you add or remove of their in order to make your own structured. Also where exactly is this project taking place or going to take place. Most importantly could you possibly network with the people among others. So really follow the online courses as suggested. You will definitely be able to find answers to these questions