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Flower ni Ina, Milk at Egg ni ama, success ng Pamilya

We were there because of a purpose. Last year, my team (Team WAYA), went to have our vacation at Mambukal Resort, Negros Occidental, Philippines. It is a resort similar to paradise; gifted with hot springs, rich fauna and flora and a climate suitable for relaxation. One day, we decided to climb its famous seven falls. We were amazed of its complexity and natures own way to show beauty. However, when our tour guide brought us to the secret falls, we saw the secret behind the beautiful scenery; the truth that stroked our hearts. We discovered a community living almost a thousand feet from the ground; hidden from the civilization but striving to meet the needs of the changing world. The children everyday walked downhill, along the dangerous mountain edges to attend school. No health centers within the radius. A clear example that poverty does not exist only in the ground but even in the highest places of the planet. Our approach is simple. We want to launch a project that will empower them to become the master of the four elements of this planet. Air, Water, Fire and Earth. The idea will focus on the utilization of the most abundant resources within the community and turn them into solutions. It has four phases. Phase 1 will be more on learning self and group dynamics. Phase 2 will be more on hands on and education about planting and culture of flowers and orchids by the mothers and propagation of livestock by the fathers of the participating family. Phase 3 will be on delivery of the products, evaluation and re assessment and phase 4 will be about the modification and re-boosting, strengthening of the efforts. It is best to use the element Earth which is free and vast in the area, the element Air, which is cold and very conducive to grow flowers and livestock, Water, which is free flowing from the falls and fire.

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