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Business Development, Project Management, Web Designing and Hosting and Community Development.

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opportunities to develop my personal and business skills, network, funding and be challanged to be an impact maker

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I hail from Ghana and have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Accounting option)and also founder of a startup web designing business (www.imykeconcepts.net).

I am currently working with a Social Enterprise in Thanjavur, India to provide a better life for dairy farmer in the communities we operate. I have a passion for Information Technology and Social Enterprises and constantly on the look-out for opportunities to alleviate poverty.

My work experience in Ghana,Tanzania and currently India has enlightened me about the plight of the poor and the need to bring about innovative services and products to help alleviate poverty.

I aspire to be a social entrepreneur and a change agent especially on the African continent and provide the platform for other young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills

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Michael Nimoh


Project Overview

A Thousand Youth Voices Network

PROBLEM: All across the globe, young people are feeling alienated by the political leaders in matters affecting their lives. Our societies are faced with several challenges but a lack of government or institutional funding has crippled the abilities of the societies to fully solve these challenges hence the citizens feel dissatisfied. How if there is a new way to tackle these challenges? OUR SOLUTION: We believe in the power of the young person and that in every challenge is the key to its solution. We seek to provide a platform where young people can voice out their concerns pertaining to issues affecting their communities, countries or even globally and identify solutions to help whiles sharing ideas with thousands of other young people all over the world who are either facing the same situations or have answers to questions asked. The platform will ensure that young people from diverse backgrounds can share ideas and work together to tackle problems facing society and have impact investors who are willing to sponsor their ideas whiles mentoring them. OUR OBJECTIVE: Our main objective is to project the voices of young people in matters pertaining to their communities, countries and globally. OUR APPROACH: Simple - If you have identified a need, share it, form your dream local or international team on the platform, create a solution to the need and have people interested in sponsoring you. We shall have an annual IdeaFest with workshops (online and physical locations)to bring together all the young people making change in the world.

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