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Painting, decorations, debate, extempore, Dramatic dialogue, basketball, handball, athletics, wall-magazine, story writing, essay writing, new ideas related to cultural program (arranging cultural program or hosting program),Hosting international competition(ex.Hult prize-Campus Director)

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Support and consent from member states of UNESCO or strong recommendations from source who all are position of high gravity or harbingers from mass people in a great strength

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To explain myself, I would like to mention my ex-cadet identity first. I am ex-cadet Surma studied at Joypurhat Girls Cadet College, Joypurhat, Bangladesh which was one of the best institution in Bangladesh out of twelve cadet colleges. In my school life, I studied somewhere else and never achieved 2nd position in anywhere. I participated in many competitions including national painting competition. Then I started college life where I participated in more competitions. I achieved 1st position in several competitions and champion position by participating in group competitions like games or wall magazines and led more competitions towards championship.
After my college life, I sat for IELTS exam and started ACCA of Oxford Brookes of United Kingdom under ACCA global Bangladesh. My ID no is 3917046. I switched my course to undergraduate program in Moscow power engineering Institute but I definitely want to complete ACCA along with my course in Moscow power engineering Institute. I’m glad to inform you that I am still student of ACCA and my present course name in Moscow power engineering Institute is “informatics and computer science. ”
I participated in Grand misk challenges of USA where my idea was appreciated but because of high amount of budget they couldn’t accept it upto final point. I participated in different international competitions too and I would like to participate in competitions and volunteering inn UNESCO also.
I proceeded in UNESCO literacy prize and I found a great response from their side but finally I didn’t submit my file though they extended date of submission for me because I found the problem we were going to solve can be solved in other way because we should not create a fund for charity which is created by dishonest, culprits of our society. I found one more thing that this kind of charity in the name of business can be solved within the territory without help of special donations in thousands amount. Rather than this, most of the internal complexity can be solved keeping the rules same with my new idea where one budget will work behind all together. So I am talking step with my new idea over here.
About my success, I would like to appreciate my family whose support, inspiration were so laudable that pushed me to catch each and every achievements and positive qualities of my life.
All credit goes to them specially my Father cause this revenant man taught me in such a way that institutions couldn’t lift me up in that way.