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Painting, decorations, debate, extempore, Dramatic dialogue, basketball, handball, athletics, wall-magazine, story writing, essay writing, new ideas related to cultural program (arranging cultural program or hosting program),Hosting international competition(ex.Hult prize-Campus Director)

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Support and consent from member states of UNESCO or strong recommendations from source who all are position of high gravity or harbingers from mass people in a great strength

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To explain myself, I would like to mention my ex-cadet identity first. I am ex-cadet Surma studied at Joypurhat Girls Cadet College, Joypurhat, Bangladesh which was one of the best institution in Bangladesh out of twelve cadet colleges. In my school life, I studied somewhere else and never achieved 2nd position in anywhere. I participated in many competitions including national painting competition. Then I started college life where I participated in more competitions. I achieved 1st position in several competitions and champion position by participating in group competitions like games or wall magazines and led more competitions towards championship.
After my college life, I sat for IELTS exam and started ACCA of Oxford Brookes of United Kingdom under ACCA global Bangladesh. My ID no is 3917046. I switched my course to undergraduate program in Moscow power engineering Institute but I definitely want to complete ACCA along with my course in Moscow power engineering Institute. I’m glad to inform you that I am still student of ACCA and my present course name in Moscow power engineering Institute is “informatics and computer science. “

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