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Miguel Ayala


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TURBO TYCOON - Financial Literacy for All through Mobile Gaming

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, in the United States of America, supposedly the most developed country in the world, 25% of young adults rate their financial literacy as "poor". Shocking? Now consider this, if a rate that high exists in such a developed country, how high are levels in the less developed countries all across the world. From the inception of the concept of "money", knowledge about cash has been pivotal in virtually the lives of everyone. Whether you are an artist, a janitor or a professional athlete a rudimentary understanding of finance is necessary in order to guarantee yourself a happy future. Despite this, financial literacy continues to be an area of education that is often neglected by governments. Of course there is plenty of material provided by banks and other groups. However, these are dry, boring and unappealing to those who need it the most: the youth around the world. TURBO TYCOON, a free to play mobile app, will attempt to get the youth interested in learning the financial skills they need most. TURBO TYCOON will feature innovative gameplay that combines the most popular genres of casual games in order to demonstrate the 3 main features of financial literacy, budgeting, saving and investing, in a fun and addictive way. Furthermore, TURBO TYCOON will offer incentives (in-game virtual currency to be used on upgrades etc.) to access existing financial literacy websites, thereby acting as a gateway to the wealth of content provided by banks. Young adults all over the world will not only have access to the educational tools but also be interested to use them.

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