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Michael Iyanro


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Trash Health Insurance

Until this moment, "limited resource" becomes the cliche for poor health service for the poor. The same applies to waste management. However, any endeavors that are arranged by the government and private sectors in enhancing the quality of public health could have significant impacts if accompanied by individuals and communities awareness. If organized, community can mobilize their own resources to improve the service they need. Our idea is the Trash Health Insurance (THI) a health micro insurance program which uses garbage as financial resources. Community pays clinic service using garbage. This way the community mobilizes their own resources to improve health access and breakdown barrier between health facilities and community. With this program, community gives their garbage to the clinic regularly. Afterward, collected garbage is processed in two ways, organic waste is processed to be fertilizer by applying composting method and Inorganic waste, such as paper, cans, bottles, plastic, is sold to collectors. The main principle is organizing community to create sustainable financing from their own resources in order to improve the access and quality of public health program, from promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects. On the other side, this becomes an incentive for community to start a proper waste management from household level, thus contributing to improve local sanitation. Trash Health Insurance will empower every individual to mobilize overlooked resources and take active role in managing health financing.

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Youth Innovation Hub Project

Nigeria, West Africas largest country, between thirty-five and fifty percent (35%-50%) of youths are unemployed. Overall, the youth unemployment rate in Nigeria stands at an unacceptable level in excess of thirty percent! Already, the social consequence of this malaise is evident in the crime rate- both domestic and international, as well as the low economic output of the country with 160 million people and counting, relative to her peers. While Innovation can provide a fast and cheap route to create wealth, there are no established support for innovators and entrepreneurs, and where they are present: funding is lacking. This has led to rising tide of poverty and crime, as increasing numbers of youths graduating from tertiary institutions are unemployed and poor. This is where YOUTHNNOVATION HUB comes in. The Youthnnovation Hub brings two basic services into the community: 1.YOUTHNOVATION ACCELERATOR: a vocational training platform for young people and a Start-Up business accelerator that draws upon a rich pipeline of entrepreneurial ideas emerging from youth communities and higher institutions in Nigeria, and leverages access to a network of contacts, space and broadband into fast-paced prototyping and business development. It mobilizes internal and external networks to seed and fund businesses emerging from the platform 2.YOUTHNOSOURCE PLATFORM: a basic service of the Youthnovation hub that provides wages and meaningful work via the Internet to youth who were previously earning less than a living wage. Youthnosource also brings technology skills training and paying digital work to poor youth in Nigeria. We achieve this by connecting youth living off less than $2 a day to microwork: small, digital tasks taken from a larger project that can be performed using the Internet.

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