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Mike Nyagwoka


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The main objective of this idea is to utilize land as a widely available resource in alleviating poverty. Farming in Kenya is still largely done using traditional methods leading to poor yields. The introduction of new technologies, seed varieties and professional interventions will be key in our operations. My desire is to see people enjoy the Green wealth is around us. Land owners that are willing to collaborate will be requested to register with s a small fee to indicate their willingness. After that all farm operations will be taken over by an expert team. The team will conduct soil tests and decide on the best crop for the given region taking into considerations the test results, market opportunity, weather and climatic patterns. While this is happening, the owner will be enjoined as a farm manager earning a stipend until the crop matures. The owner will be involved throughout the stages to ensure that by the time I will be handing back the project, he will seen the benefits of new and advanced methods of farming. The Green-wealth organisation shall have three departments; Research and development, Quality Assurance and a Marketing department.

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