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Minji Kang is a 20-years-old social entrepreneur who previously launched an online crowdfunding project to fund secondary-education for Ethiopian refugee girls. She is currently studying Political Science at the University of Southern California with a full-merit Trustee Scholarship. Minji is interested in social welfare issues-particularly in gender-related and poverty issues. She is now combining her coding background with her interest, so she initiated to Empower Microfinance while studying about inequality issues. Her passion for gender and equality issues stems from her experience as the founder and president of the United Nations Girl Up Chapter in high school, where she initiated social activities starting from producing short films raising awareness of child-marriage issues to launch online crowdfunding projects for education programs. At the moment, Minji’s passion keeps growing, and she vocally fights for these issues. She is currently authoring a research paper on the intersection between microfinance and gender equality to help identify different variables that effectively serve microfinance communities.

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Minji Kang