July 12, 2021 17:10

Evidence is an outstanding enterprise that promote peace, across the hearts and minds, of a lot of Nigerians. Especially those that have Traveled across America, Europe and Asia continents. this organization have many values like trust, sincerity, honesty and compassion due to verifying clients both on Nigerians and Non Nigerians who seek to visit many embassies in lagos State and Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory. Our enterprise is known globally this great

July 12, 2021 16:43

Carvertise.Pk an application based platform that integrate car owners & advertisers forming a new OOH marketing medium which is fulfilling the market needs through IOT & providing benefit for both. Car owners are getting paid per Km as they drive. Advertiser will have the access to the most cheapest form of OOH advertisement with live monitoring, close to accurate viewer count & impressions. hooo this wonderful we vote for it

July 12, 2021 16:39

YES ITGRAT FOR CARING AND GET INCOME FOR OUR LIVE WE LOVE-IT The main objective of the project is to support concerted efforts put in place by the Government of Cameroon towards countering radicalization in the North West North through empowerment and livelihoods opportunities for youths and women and to mitigate the impact of the conflict and COVID-19 by enhancing the resilience of affected families in Santa, North West Region of Cameroon. Specific objective

July 12, 2021 16:35

Project is to increase access to affordable domestic consumption of tea leaves to the rural and urban rural communities. Tea sachet Will cost ugx 100 for each 10 grams, which is affordable to each and every household in 100 districts of Uganda. Tea leaves will be mixed with ginger powder to increase acceptance of the product. After 2-3 years I will be running 4 packing machine. I will be employing 6-10 youth into this business. My business Will be producing 1000 dozen of sachet per day. Tea sachet Will Make me self reliant, manage to pay school fees, construct a modest house for my self in next 5-6 years. WE LOVE IT VOTE FOR IT

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July 12, 2021 16:32

he agriculture sector an essential part of a country's economy, and it depends on an uncontrollable factor that is the weather. Farmers in Kenya are having a real struggle with rain decisions, such as when to plant the seeds. Although the weather is uncontrollable, technology nowadays makes it predictable but not a relying factor. While the weather is the most common problem in agriculture, the farming process is complicated and farmers face many other problems. Shaz Insight Agritech is a startup company in Kakamega City that offers a unique, reliable, sustainable, and affordable THANK THIS WORK FOR ALL OUR RURAL COMMUNITY N

July 12, 2021 16:28

YES THIS PASSION SERVICE WORK Autism is a neurological disorder that affects nearly 1% of worlds population. What causes Autism is still not known and there is no cure for Autism. It is a lifelong condition that affects the way that a person interacts with and experiences the world around them. The vast majority, 84%, of adults with Autism are either unemployed or underemployed, despite their ability, desire, and willingness to engage in meaningful work. Unemployment rates among adults with autism are double compared to other disabilities. We provide hands on training and skill development to adults with autism. Training programs vary between 3 weeks to 6 months depending in individual needs. All trainings necessarily culminate in employment with Auspice Social.

July 12, 2021 16:26

In the plans for implementation, the model is going to be unconventional, in order to be suitable for all life. Source of financing are all self sourced, coming from the mindset of a frugal economist. In terms of collaboration, we are looking at pitching tent with the likes of Dangote industries, Elim group of companies as well as the United Nations. WE BLOVE IT THANKS

July 12, 2021 15:52

. Involvement of middle-class people of the society who have an ideal money and unemployment solution. 2. Idea sourcing and its implementation of the best idea. 3. Only investors can invest against the best idea. Activities: 1. Social BiSS is a media or helping hand to execute the idea again they have various business models. 2. Social BiSS have to 40/50 business models like small manufacturing idea, export-import ide WE LOVE THIS IDEA FOR THE BEST

July 12, 2021 15:49

redge sand is a material excavated from storm water drain and natural earth to enable the flow of water into the sea without causing flooding or hazards in the environment. The sand normally contains waste materials such as plastic waste and other waste due to human activities in the environment. These materials piled up as much as human activities increases resulting to flooding which took place in greater Accra within the Avenue and other locations on 3rd June 2015. I therefore took it upon myselves to conduct a research to find solution by designing a screen this great for us here loveit

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July 12, 2021 15:31

We are working to design heavy duty battery packs to store power energy for longer hours. Our batteries can help reduce Co2 emissions because it can be installed in Electric Vehicles which has almost negligible amount of any toxic gases to the environment. A truly green product We will be making heavy duty lithium ion battery packs which addressing problems of energy storage for longer period in term of hour this useful ideal so faf here