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I was one among many students who joined Apps and Girls Coding Club at my school, Kisutu Girls Secondary School in 2014, where the role of Apps and Girls was to teach girls how to CODE with the big mission of breaking the gender gap in ICT, Girls where suppose to learn coding and then to think of a problem which faces there community and then think of a solution as in how can coding knowledge be used to help the community, and that’s when I thought of helping students including myself.Helping my community was also the dream I had since childhood..I am glad now THAT am one step forward.

1. 3rd Winner at 2014 Apps and Girls Annual Competition. ( A third winner among 21 project of 2014 annual competition by Apps and Girls Foundation)
2. Innovation Fund grant (4th Innovation Fund grant by TANZICT-project )
3. Won a Trip to Finland to attend an event called SLUSH

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Modesta Joseph

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