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I am a 23 year old ambitious young woman who grew up in Mount Darwin, the outskirts of Zimbabwe, however I had a chance to be educated in the city and with so much sacrifice my mother managed to help me study in India for my Bachelors degree. I came out top of my class and was also awarded best outgoing sportswoman and most achieving student on graduation.
I had received during the course of my 3 years about 16 medals and certificates in Basketball and Athletics. I was also selected to represent the international students in the students council’ a prestigious comittee of 25 students in a school with over 20 000 students (Vellore Institute of Technology, India)

Further to this I was involved in music, poetry and debate. I was also a volunteer for 10 months for the Make A Difference (MAD), being one of the first African student to join the club ever.

I also had a project approved to start a restaurant at the school called the African Cisine, due to time and delay in funding we had to pass down the project.

Currently I work at an IT Company (Logikmind) and also run an Education Consultancy called Felly Joe Consultants (www.fellyjoeconsultants.com) and an NGO called Affordable Virtual Learning Society- AVL (www.avlsociety.org).

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Maureen Manjoro