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    classification: pet treats/dog snack
    Internal model: SWT1041
    Usage: Dog feeding
    color: red/brown/white/yellow
    flavor: beef/bacon/cheese/chicken
    size: 7-8cm
    weight: 12-16g/piece
    Material: Starch
    Packing: OEM/Carton/PE bag/Color bag/Bulk
    Certificate: BSCI,ISO22000,FDA,SGS.
    MOQ: 500 KG
    Nearly 60% of the dogs disease is caused by oral diseases: Tooth loss, Periodontitis, Intestinal diseases etc.in order to avoid such kind of oral problems happen, Our pets need to protect their teeth every day, ensure that they will have a happy life.
    ● Bad mouth odor: Attract dogs to chew, maintain oral health
    ● Periodontitis: Spiral design to ensure full cleaning
    ● Skin & hair: add linoleic acid to make it shiny.
    ● Digest: add moderate fibrin to help the stomach peristalsis.
    ● Eyes: add lutein to make it bright, even in the dark China Chicken Product manufacturers