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    TI AM 1808 Carrier Board:
    designed by 4-layer of PCB. It integrates full interfaces, UART, USB,SATA, Ethernet ,etc.

    TI AM 1808 System On Module:
    designed by 6- layer of PCB. It has the best electrical properties and anti-jamming performance; together with CPU, DDR2, NandFlash, PHY network chip, crystal oscillator etc.
    Product Description:
    QY-1808EK Development Kit combines QY-1808P System On Module & EZ-AM1808-GP Carrier Board.
    Get more information about the QY-1808P System On Module, please click(跳转至7号产品) here:
    Get more information about the EZ-AM1808-GP Carrier Board please click (跳转至13号产品)here,

    Hardware Features:

    No. Item Function
    J3 AD/DA-digital quantity extension interface GPIO SPI extension
    J5 PRU interface 2 PRU real time units, can be extended to 8 serial ports
    J6 SATA interface External SATA keyboard,etc.
    J7 SATA power supply interface SATA keyboard power supply
    J8 EMI bus interface Expand SRAM and other peripherals
    J9 COM0 serial interface Serial port 0
    J10 COM1 serial interface RS232, support flow control/isolation
    J11 COM2 serial interface RS232,support flow control/isolation
    J12 USB0 interface USB 2.0 OTG interface
    J13 Network interface 10M/100M adaptive full duplex
    J14 USB1 interface USB 1.1 HOST interface
    J15 SD card interface SD card storage
    J16 Audio output interface Linear audio output
    J17 Audio input interface Linear audio input
    J18 LCD interface LCD screen interface
    J19 LCD power supply LCD interface power supply
    J20 VGA interface Standard VGA output
    J22 Power input interface Eval. board power input
    S1 Dial switch Boot mode
    BT1 Backup battery System clock power supply
    BZ1 Buzzer Alarm prompt device
    Software Features
    Compilation Tool Cross-compiler [arm-linux-gcc]
    Tool Software Supporting terminal, writing, downloading toolds
    Device Manual Datasheet of main components in carrier board
    User Manual H/W Manual, User Manual, Testing Manual etc.
    Image File Image file of MLO,U-BOOT, Kernel, and file system.
    Test Code Test path and source code of all interfaces.
    System Code Bootloader, kernel, file system, QT source code & madplay
    Schematic Schematic for Carrier Board
    Footprint Library Footprint Library for Carrier Board
    Accessories List:

    Associated Products:
    WIFI Model No.:EP-N8508GS USB Wifi Module /2.4Ghz
    Bluetooth 4.0 ORICO BTA-402; 3 Mbps
    USB To UART Cable Model No.: UGREEN20210/1309051

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