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    Medhealth’s compression garments are desinged exclusively to go with our MHH800 Pump. Auto garment recognition on Foot, Calf and Thigh garements when used with MHH800 pump. The fabric material of these DVT compression garments provides greater comfort than standard compression sleeves.
    DVT Sleeves Patient Applications
    ● Wrapping the foots, calfs and thighs
    ● Delivering the compression powered by the DVT pump
    ● Delivering the air compression to keep blood clots from forming.
    Disposable IntermittentReusable IntermittentReusable SequentialDescription
    Model No.Model No.Model No.
    Foot/MHH820MHH820SQMedium foot garment (Sizes up to 13″)
    MHH820LMHH820LSQLarge foot garment (Sizes 13″-16″)
    CalfMHD801PMHH801PMHH801PSQSmall calf garment (Sizes up to 14″)
    MHD801MMHH801MMHH801MSQMedium calf garment (Sizes 14″-18″)
    MHD801LMHH801LMHH801LSQLarge calf garment (Sizes 18″-24″)
    MHD801BMHH801BMHH801BSQExtra large calf garment (Sizes 24″-32″)
    ThighMHD830SMHH830SMHH830SSQSmall thigh garment (Sizes up to 22″)
    MHD830MMHH830MMHH830MSQStandard medium thigh garment (Sizes 22-29″)
    MHD830LMHH830LMHH830LSQLarge thigh garment (Sizes 29-36″)
    MHD830BMHH830BMHH830BSQExtra large garment (Sizes 36-42″)China Intermittent Calf Garment