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    Sauce Storage Radio Shuttle System
    JR Storage Systems radio shuttle pallet racking is a semi-automatic or fully automated storage scheme for conveying goods inside channels, similar to drive in racking system. The radio shuttle (RS) system replaces manual forklifts and uses automatic stacking cranes to enter the loading and unloading bays, thus provides a fast, economical and time-saving solution. This is a high density and throughput pallet storage system, making it easier to load and unload cargo, thanks to an electric transporter called radio pallet shuttle.
    The system moves independently inside the rack by using the radio shuttle, which means that automatic stacker (AS) can run on other slots. The operator uses the control computer to simply execute all processes of storing and extracting pallets.
    This system is very suitable for storing a large number of items with fewer varieties. The racking system combines the advantages of block storage with those of racking storage.
    Fast moving consumer goods companies
    Grain production
    Meat processing
    Beverage production and sale
    Cold storage
    All drive-in /drive-thru racking users.
    The efficient and compact warehouse storage system for large volumes cargo with low levels SKUs.
    The optimization of storage, loading, and unloading stages.
    Reduce risks for warehouse operators.
    Equipment- loading machinery and racking have lower risks or damages.
    No special forklift is needed.
    Very high throughput.
    Elaborative load handling.
    As forklifts do not have to enter the loading bay, chances of racking damages are little.Radio Shuttle