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Monica Mucunguzi


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Talent acquisition, Recruitment strategies, Sales.

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New ideas to improve my projects, funds to implement my projects and set the ball rolling.

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I am a Recruitment Consultant with over 4 years of experience in the talent acquisition space. I currently run my own recruitment firm, Supreme Executives, and previously co-founded another recruitment firm, The HeadHunters Uganda, which I grew for 3 years. My appreciation for sales has brought me where I am today. It is at the core of almost every profession I know. It is vital for the growth of every institution and I have a deep respect for it. I am deeply grounded in recruitment and I love what I do. All the projects I am working on all lead towards one thing- helping youth in Uganda find gainful employment by creating avenues for them to market themselves better and compete favorably. 80% of Ugandans know a friend or relative who they know to be competent in a certain field. However these people are unemployed. Jobs are advertised every other day, some of which they are not aware of. I want to provide a platform that makes sure that the people we love will be notified by SMS, email, Facebook and any other avenue, that they will not miss out on any opportunity. A platform that helps employers gain access to skilled unemployed youth to screen and interview within minutes, to help them shorten their recruitment timelines.