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mootaz hammami


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I am Mu'taz Hammami, a martial arts player posted on social networking sites. A voice commentator interested in political and social problems. i am interested in intellectual deviations and the field of comparative religions. Specializing in editing.

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my time is bassically divided beween social activities ;sports and influence people positively throw social media
AS for clubs i am involved and supervisor of a group of clubs such as youth club and many other clubs
As for sports i am professional taekwondo praction in the sports association for presidential security and i have practised many martial arts as karate and kung fu .
i always make sure to read as many books and articles as possible.
i make sure to right articles and produce many videos throw my blog and my youtube channel.

I attended several cultural and artistic conferences. I organized a promotional ceremony for the homeless shelter every year. I organized many cultural campaigns with many associations in tunisia. I am a member in Many scientific and charitable organizations i am very active in social life I tries to influence people positively through my social networking sites.