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My name is Shuai Yuan, a high school student in China. I grew up in Shenzhen, a southern city of China. Thanks for the Reform and Opening Policy, my hometown has transformed from a fishing village to a modern city. It is a huge achievement in Chinese economical history and, because of the development, I grew up in a city with infrastructure that was complete and well-developed. During my childhood, I took well-funded schools, advanced hospitals and flat roads for granted. However, a trip to Ji An completely woke up my mind. Ji An is an extremely poor area in the Jiangxi province of China. There are no ordinary schools, no advanced hospitals, not even a single road without potholes, all of which were most normal in my daily life. They had to drive miles away to obtain an easy surgery. The children there lacked proper education. There were only two teachers in their only school teaching Chinese, Math, English and physical education to the students ranging from grades 1 to 6. After primary schooling, they had to go to a secondary school in a town far away from Ji An. Some of students were too poor to afford their academic fees, so they had no choice but to quit, and started to do farm work with their family even though they had a lot of academic potential. The situation there left a deep impression on me. I could not imagine a life I had, even was bored with, did not exist for millions of people dreaming about it. Even with the great economic development of China in past few decades, there are still millions of people suffering from hunger, disease and poverty. After my return, I could not stop thinking about the depressing situation and I really want to do something for them. I plan to spend my future years studying Chinese poverty policies and visiting different poverty areas in order to figure out the most effective ways to help these poverty-stricken areas.