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Mpagi Derrick has over 6 years of experience in the legal, policy and community development sector, specifically focusing on peace, Human Rights and sustainable development. Currently, Derrick is the Founder and Executive Director for MIGHT Foundation (MIGHT), where he focuses on initiating, designing, and implementing, innovative and sustainable peace-building, Human Rights and sustainable development activities for minorities in the country. In addition, Derrick is also the Founder of the youth networks in Kampala, Uganda and a volunteer with the United Nations Sri Lanka. Derrick holds a Bachelor of laws degree from Makerere University, where he focused on national, regional and international laws and, in partnership with MIGHT staff, Derrick has also developed projects that have been identified by: UN Women Uganda and Resilient Africa Network as national innovations that will reduce violence against women and girls in Uganda; World Health Organization Africa as a regional innovation in the health sector; and, Civil Society Academy, Welthungerhlife and Impact Hub as a global innovation in the hunger and social justice sector. Derrick is driven by commitment to world peace, Human Rights and sustainable development for all and one day hopes to witness a completely united diverse Uganda that promotes and protects peace, prosperity and the environment through all its cultures and citizens. Upon completion of this challenge, Derrick plans to implement and scale the proposed program in Uganda in order to raise the voices of minorities within the country.

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Derrick Mpagi