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I want fund to host ecommerce website, office and a workshop where i will be training women an youth various business skill and sell the manufactured product online

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Muhammad Sagir Muhammad holds a Diploma in Electrical Electronics Engineering at Adamawa State Polytechnic Yola and presently undergoing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the Adamawa State University Mubi. He has experience of over two years’ in Digital/Online Marketing and Promotion. Currently, Muhammad Sagir is The CEO of Msageer Technologies, where he focuses on Mini Importation, Internet Data Supply, and Cable Tv Bundles Subscriptions. He is also a Bitcoin Merchant. In the past, he has provided Training and Mentoring to the youth on how to start mini businesses including basic graphic design. He is driven by passion and optimism to be a leading expert in Digital Marketing Technology thereby contributing to the development of fresh brains and reformation of our community. If awarded, Muhammad Sagir Muhammad plans to be a change agent, a mentor and a trainer with special consideration for women entrepreneurs because of gender disparity in Nigeria.

Leadership and Skills


I have held a position like social media assistance of Cryptomart Nigeria, content manager of former Arewahub, presently Assistant Secretary General National Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS) Adamawa State University Mubi, Business Manager Goalsetters Standard ICT and more…
Also Muhammad Sagir Muhammad, the owner of an unregistered company, Msageer Technologies. Msageer Technologies specializes in Digital/Online Marketing and Promotion Mini Importation, Internet Data Supply, Cable Tv Bundles Subscriptions, and Graphic and Video Production.

Personal achievement

Over the past three (3) years I founded 3 independent business entities like Cryptomart Nigeria, an online merchant of Cryptocurrency in Nigeria, Goalsetters standard ICT and social media Manager/Assistant Salihu Garba (Senatorial Candidate Adamawa Central).
Also consistently managing SME digital business (reselling internet data, cable TV subscription, reselling recharge cards, bulk SMS and PHCN electricity payment) which explore me more to the world of entrepreneurship and digital marketing and opportunities hidden under it.

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This is to sell the best product and items as per customers within our local community without having to drive from place to place, to offer products at cheaper prices than you would by visiting the traditional stores, and also changing our traditional/convention stores to digital stores

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Muhammad Sagir