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I posses leaderships skills. I believe in good leadership by team work and cooperation. I am talented in Public speaking and writing books. I am more motivated by transforming youth into leaders and leaders into agents of change to their society.

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I am constantly looking for a change. For I believe if I manage to change youth into leaders and leaders into agents of change, the society will have a chance to learn from few people who will inspire to greatness. Key solution to unemployment challenge is being creative by utilizing our talents. For this to be complete, i am looking for both financial support and experts support based on empowering youth talents.

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My name is Brian Msangi, a Tanzanian aged 23. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering technician. Apart from my career, I am a global active citizen to my country, I am currently working with UNICEF as a volunteer after a three month experience working with VSO-ICS in 2019. I’m founder of Dominion Academy which is still on its pilot stages. Dominion Academy mainly focus with youth at schools and collages to empower them on their talents to be a source of their employment. As a leader, i strongly believe on someones ability(talents and skills) to change the world.
I challenged myself much focusing on empowering the youth with life skills aspects focusing on their skills and talents from which is the root change of the world. For I believed the life skills we acquire are the ones that challenge our daily life and also if used appropriately we can make the world a better place for everyone.

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Brian Msangi