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Young leaders interested in development to share ideas. Currently in USA on training specialized in agriculture to enable support and motivate youths for employment opportunities and food security in Africa

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Born to a farming family, I had my education between the farmlands and school. I completed my high school education in 2004 when livestock owners were greatly affected by the ever increasing livestock theft. Among the youth of the community, we mobilised ourselves to form the Shepherds and Livestock Owners Association, a community-based organization that stands to fight against livestock thefts and improve the livelihood of farmers of which I was the Secretary-General. While serving the association, In 2008 -2011, I attended the Gambia College and got qualifications as an Agriculturist teacher for the middle schools and taught for 2 years. In 2013, I joined the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority as an Aviation Security Training Officer while serving the farmers voluntarily.
In search of doing what I love to do, I accept an offer for the position of the National Youth Coordinator for The National Coordinating Organization for Farmers Association The Gambia. In the same year, the Ministry of Agriculture organized a national convergence for all livestock producers, producer associations and dealers to establish the National Livestock Owners Association of The Gambia and they nominated me as the Secretary General.
Since then, I have been serving the Gambian farmers (12 years), in 2018, I was selected to partake in a leadership training by the McCain Institute for International Leadership, an opportunity I grabbed and defer my final year at the University of The Gambia.

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Modou Sowe