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Company name: UNIQUE FAVORS TZ

I STARTED MY BUSINESS WITH 35$ with savings and ploughing back my business has now grown to almost 15,000$ net-worth. And I have created employment both temporary and permanent to majority of Tanzanians,
I Started operating the business in my bedroom for 2 years, then built a small office within the home compound operated for one and a half years but to date I have expanded to a bigger display office with even customer care department, the journey has never been easy but personal and business growth that I keep experiencing is what keeps the trail moving .

I also had a honor of being nominated in the list of FORBES 30 MOST PROMISING YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS IN AFRICA 2018

And as part of giving back to the society ,
I am also currently one of the mentor in the AFRICAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDS panel, as one of the way of giving back to my society on giving my Entrepreneurship insights. And last year I received a special award as the MOST OUTSTANDING MENTOR IN EAST AFRICA
and also Mentoring at the MENTORSHIP CHALLENGE (South African Platform)by Marc Wainer

I am a proud young lady aged 24 who has been able to invest in manufacturing which is the most rewarding sector, and it all started in 2013 when i was 19years by using the money I saved while studying at the university and grow the business through ploughing back of profit.

The business began in 2013 as Unique Gifts Tz, and at the time we were specializing in gifts (unique cardboards made of egg shells left overs art work. But, we expanded our product line to manufacturing and supply of custom paper party supplies, box packages, favors & gifts and changed the name officially, and registered as “Unique Favors Tz” in 2014..
My Short Inspiring Story
I remember when I started my business at age 19 i never had a single machine nor a printer nor a office, and i was making paper bags and boxes, all i did was to use a home computer to design package templates and go to the stationery , print and come back to my bedroom cut ,glue and assemble them ready to promote them in my face book page for sale, a lot of people even close to me teased & laughed at me but i did not care as i knew my goal was to create a better brand , and i knew one day i would have at least a mini industry and guess what through little publicity i was easily noticed by potential clients and received a huge packaging order from VODACOM of 500 packs and I had done it all in my bedroom office, and today my company runs as many machine for production,” from this short story first one should know being at a young age shouldn’t limit you to get into industrial business, peoples negative words should not stop you and there are always people somewhere who are waiting to use your products so do not give up.
in addition to all this products i also make customized party supplies such as garlands, sashes, printed ribbons, place cards, price tags, party tags, wedding props, wedding signs, invitation cards etc, the best thing about my products is that everything is made from scratch its only the raw materials i.e papers/unprinted ribbons that are imported but the rest is done from scratch

This idea came up after noticing that most of the people have merged in importing paper supplies
from abroad instead of investing in machines becoming the main source of production thereby cutting costs,
I am glad people are able to buy quality products made in Tanzania at lower price from us & have promoted
Industrialization in Tanzania leading to high development
My very first interest since i was a child was uniqueness.. creating something unique that would be appealing to the society and would in some way contribute to environmental preservation and that was the reason i decided to go for eggshells and paper products