About me

fields of expertise

The fields which I can say that I engage in the most is agriculture , I don't have much skills because I'm still starting but according to where I am now I can say that I've got some skills.

I´m constantly looking for

I'm looking for knowledge and skills to complete my idea and I believe that I'm in the right place, and the most important thing is that I'm looking for a seed capital to put my business idea into action.

My profile

Now I can’t say that the background I have can instantly lead me to success, I know that I have to work so hard to get where I need to be, however one of the things that I know will help me in my journey is the persistence and consistence I have in me, apart from agriculture I have a small business I run by myself where I sell crocheted things, and day by day, things improve because of those qualities, so I think that those values will help me, plus hard working.

I am..

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Nadia Mugeruka