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Communication, Networking and Graphic Design.

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funding to attain my goals and objectives. Above all, service to others is my pride and joy.

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Success could be a measure of accomplishments such as awards and others. I believe change and progress is based on your capability to Do It Yourself (DIY), which has been my principal motivation for my passion in computers,networking and communication. In addition I am a holder of a B.Ed Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Buea.

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Project Overview


Our mustard seed objective currently is providing reliable and affordable means of internet access to homes, schools and communities in the town of Buea, South West Region, Cameroon. Our activities include the operation of a small Internet Cyber Cafe and sensitizing youngsters on the role of the computer and the internet on the intellectual, socioeconomic growth of their communities. Some innovative approaches include our newly installed WiFi network which connects more than 30 users given topological,structural and financial restrains. With our WiFi network we created access to virtual libraries, advertising/sensitization, easy communication etc.

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