Comment on: Youth Corps of Malawi
July 9, 2018 16:25

Hi Alinafe,
I really appreciate your project. You are helping young generation to realize their dreams. You are motivating them greatly. As a student I heartly appreciate it. You should spread this more.
I'll be grateful if you see my idea and comments and for it.

Comment on: The Food Factory
July 9, 2018 11:58

You are working on a brilliant idea. Farming is the basic things for the agriculture based country. But nowadays farmers aren't getting their rights.and we are losing a big amount of Iand. It's good to see that you are working on the basic rights of human.
Please also look at my idea . And comments, vote for it.

July 9, 2018 11:02

Hello .
I saw your project. It's good for the security . Such an excellent idea. But I want to know to Know something regarding your idea.
1. Are you want to bring your project into commercial space?
2. If you want it how will it cost?
And please also take a look at my idea.and comments and vote for it.
Warm regards

Comment on: Amader Ishkool
July 8, 2018 08:14

Hello Mr Niajul Islam Khan.
Your project is so good . It's very important for our country. Education is the most important element for our country to fulfill the goal of forming the Digital Bangladesh . I really appreciate this. Please also look my idea and give your comments and vote. I'll look forward it.
Warm regards

July 6, 2018 01:11

Hi zainab
It's a great idea. Preventing vitamin A is an awesome idea. I voted for you today. But I want to know more about your idea. Can you explain a bit more it? And please also see my idea . And comments and vote for it. I'll look forward at your vote and comments on my idea.
Warm regards

July 5, 2018 01:17

Hi Mr Mujahed Mukhtar
Thanks for your support and vote for my idea.i also give you my vote to your project. If you have any questions about my idea please let me know. Share it with me for better understanding.
Warm regards

Comment on: UPCYCLERS
July 3, 2018 17:46

Hi Neema Mti,
Your idea is brilliant. It's good to see peoples like you ,you are doing great job. I hope your all dreams come true. I would love if you also give me feedback about my idea.
Warm regards

July 2, 2018 01:36

Hi rownak.
Sorry for late reply. I was so busy. However , yeah i know its a difficult journey basically in our country . but i really hope to minimize it .thanks for your comments
Warm regards

Comment on: Online Sohopathi
June 29, 2018 14:06

Hi Rownak,
Your project Online Sohopathi is very useful and very important for the Bangladeshi student.many student who can't afford to a tutor will be great benefited by it. I really appreciate it. I'm inviting you to see my idea. Please take a look it. I'll look forward at your vote and comments on my idea.
Warm regards

Comment on: Cardio vision
June 29, 2018 03:10

Hi Omar.
I saw your idea. It is really very innovative and helpful idea. Many blind people can make their life better. It's really like a blessing for them. I also voted for. I'll look forward at your comments and vote on my idea. Please share any questions and suggestions with me about my idea.