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Name:Mubiru Stephen Nelson

Date of birth:17th September 1984

Place of birth:Bukoto

Marital status:Single


Contact address:Ttula, Kawempe Division, Kampala.

Tel contact:+256 752 840421 / +256 772 122240

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Mubiru Stephen Nelson


Project Overview

Improving productivity through sustainable farming techniques.

Assisting people improve farm productivity through conservation and regeneration of Indigenous varieties of food, vegetables and chicken using sustainable agriculture and good farming techniques. This will involve changing subsistence agriculture to more commercial farming as these practices generate greater income, create more jobs in the rural and urbun areas, and ensure food security for the poor. Through training and access to information on crop production, providing credit services through the project, and supplying high quality inputs disease resistant seeds, fertilisers and pesticides which are organic and affordable, I will help farmers in Uganda improve their agricultural productivity. I will be able to reach a large number of farmers and communities with my service across the country. A variety of research activities will take place at the centre, in conjunction with National Agricultural Research Organization and National Crop Resources Research Institute for evaluating the yield and adaptability of maize, beans, onions, garlic and local chicken breed. All this is expected to be achieved through the setting up of model farm where people will be able to experience what they have been trained and also have it in real practice.

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