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Mutebi Alawi


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Electronics and Computer Engineering

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Am really looking for funds and investors to support the progress of my idea from a a prototype stage to a working project to help most of the youth in our country in the informal sector get employed

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Iam an emerging guru and experienced electronics and computer engineer aged 29 years in Uganda. I possess 10 years of experience. I was born from a middle class family of two children by Mutebi Muhammadi and Fatuma .My mother died at an early age of 5years and grew up with my uncle Katerega who looked after me up to my youthful stage and trained me hard work at his home paint factory.
Iam married and blessed with 4 children. Iam a professional electronics and computer engineer from Nakawa vocational institute.
I worked with Eurostar Electronics Uganda from 2009-2013 and became self-employed when I founded my own company and became a managing director at Eurosat group of companies ltd in 2016. My dream of skilling the youth of Uganda and service with significance to the community at a profit always propelled me to become an Entrepreneur. My team is driven by Purpose and passion. I have always had a passion of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.
I have a passion of becoming a technology entrepreneur and strong businessman in the region and become beneficial to the society at large.
Iam currently the team leader of Eurosat Group. I started this company after resigning and i exhibit various organizational, and management skills. I leader by example, organized and have adopted the art of delegation of task to my subordinates.
I hold Ownership and Responsibility of the plans executed in the company, accepts and takes responsibility of the outcomes. I stick to set goals and ensuring that activities are run in an effective and manner..
Today my company has worked and delivered great service with government organisations and outstanding NGOS as well as Civil Society Organisations..

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