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Software developer, Entrepreneur and Event Organiser.

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My name is Muyunda Kaonga a Zambian aged 23. I am currently a final year student studying Bachelor of Computer Application at Chandigarh University in India. I am also a founder and CEO of Tulyeko Food limited a company I just founded in March 2018 based in Zambia that which provides a platform for online food ordering system to allow hungry consumers order food from any of their favourite restaurant within their area and get to have it delivered to them, they can also preorder and pickup.

I have embarked on a mission to become a pioneer in the e-commerce industry in my country. My main objective is to reshape the way we do business in my country to become more digital. I believe technology is the future for solving day to day activities. I have set up a couple of projects that I am working on. My vision is to use these projects to make an impact in the education system in Zambia and increase the focus on Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a field in early stages of education. Establishing an ICT foundation that will enroll vulnerable high achieving children going into grade 8. We are going to be gender sensitive and have an equal selection. We will sponsor the kids from Grade 8 till Grade 12. The curriculum will be more focused on English, Sciences, Computer science, multimedia, and animation.

I have the ability to connect dots that create a bridge and platform for other people to succeed. I am a very creative hard-working young man and this is something I have proven throughout my life. I also possess leadership quality having been Head Boy and Member of School council in High School, achieving top position in class multiple times and currently Student Advisory Committee member at Chandigarh University which looks into student welfare. My humble background has never been an excuse for failure; I constantly did my part and left everything to GOD. We the youths are the future and I am one of those energized youths that want to be part of a great tomorrow by adding positively to the economic social development of our beautiful continent. I have the ability to provide solutions and I am currently working on the biggest project which is the first ever e-ticketing system in my country Zambia for buses, cinema, events, utility bills and many more via a mobile application and website

What inspires me is to see smiles and happy faces, people interacting and discussing issues that will make a better tomorrow. I love to meet people, interact with them and make new friends each day. I would say meeting new people each day is something that excites and inspires me. Being able to successfully finish a mission or task that makes other peoples lives easier is what inspires me the most. I am a very pragmatic person who strives to find solutions to problems and my aim is to make life easier with the use of technology. I am constantly brainstorming looking for solutions to problems that affect my society.

I have also worked as an event organisers where I have helped organise very important world leaders conference talking about important issues afffecting the world. At the same event company I was an assistant to the CEO where I learned my managerial and entrepreneurship skills.

I am also an active sports man, I play footdball and athletics at college level having with me gold medal in high jump, silver in 100 and 200 metres. I also play games like pool table (snooker), chess, draft, cards as well as video games like FIFA, GTA and Call of Duty being my favourites.

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Muyunda Kaonga