August 7, 2018 06:37

Thanks very much, I came up with this idea due to the high demand we face in terms of having expatriate in the field of Technology in my country. So I thought to myself how best we can begin to nature kids to focus more on the use of technology to help solve our many day to daily activities.

August 7, 2018 06:34

Thank you Nawrath Minda for your great feedback.I have equally voted on your idea. It is time we put ICT as the centre of everything. Technoloogy is making our lives more convenient to live in and it is time we all start to nature it at an early stage by introducing it to school going children.

Warm Regards,


June 5, 2018 10:17

This is totally a great product. Thumbs up on such an initiative and I think you need to commercialize it and start selling it to generate capital for you to expand your production.