July 23, 2016 19:06

Farmers are long forgotten. Great initiative. Can you help me find out loopholes in my idea?

Comment on: Net Records
July 18, 2016 16:08

Access to medication history. What a great idea!
How can I improve my idea?

July 18, 2016 16:07

Bangladesh has a high illiteracy rate. This idea brings much hope. Check out mine

July 17, 2016 21:18

Adebayo, I have just cast my vote. Keep going!

July 17, 2016 21:17

sorry for the delay. I would love to buy a bag from you. So cool!

July 17, 2016 21:15

I surely would love to chat with you. Firstly, how does the message option work here?

Comment on: TEDDY
July 17, 2016 18:49

Teddy for elders. Haha!

July 17, 2016 18:48

Direct training is very important for practical applications.
What feasibilitiesdoes my idea lack?

July 17, 2016 18:46

Virtual glasses and avatar. Whoa! Sounds so cool.
How can I make my idea more innovative? Is it too dull?

July 17, 2016 18:45

Higher education is truly a better equalizer. Let it pave the way for the world