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Nada Donia


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Nawwar : turning science into art , for the whole world

Nawwar(Arabic word for illuminate) is a revolutionary idea of turning studied sciences into 2D and 3D animation , by creating a library of animated videos for university and school students in the American, British and Egyptian systems. Nawwar will be the first of its kind in Egypt due to the absence of similar projects that consider the aforementioned diversity of educational systems. Focusing on the scientific material will help merging different systems serving many students. The videos contain: 1)A detailed explanation of the studied topics to help the students fully retain and understand them. 2)An attractive animation to get their attention and help them visualize the difficult concepts. 3)Mnemonics (songs,funny images ) to facilitate the memorization of important information . All the videos( from preparation of the scientific material till the graphics , animation and voice-over) are prepared by Nawwar team - mainly composed of students - and supervised by qualified professors. This means that students can pass on their experience since they faced the difficult parts in that subject themselves and know how to explain them with simplicity. There will be English and Arabic versions of the videos and another version in commonly spoken slang mix of English and Arabic making the videos much more understandable for the Egyptian and Arab students. Nevertheless, English terminology is delivered accurately. With all the latter combined, Nawwar aspires to mix visual arts and fun with education to create a new experience for all students which we believe would give rise to a better understanding of concepts and provide opportunities for more applications of Science that may ultimately contribute to the welfare of the society at large. All the videos will be posted for the public free of charge on Nawwars Youtube channel and its website.

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