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Nang Kant Kaw Ywat Hseng


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Soical Worker

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Bee Keeping Experts and small grant

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Since my high school graduation, I have been working with a community based organization for over 5 years. I have witnessed several human rights violations, poverty, and systematic oppression in Shan State in which I am living in. I have worked with war victims and international organization to publish the report of victims’ voices in Shan State. Moreover, when given the challenge to tackle indecent working condition, me and my team worked with local labor organizations in Myanmar and presented the idea of a platform where workers can file complaints and violations in their workplace directly to respected labor organizations. We were so happy when we were named as the Winner of Telenor Youth Form 2017 because of the platform. I think I wouldn’t be able give practical and innovative solutions to problems without my social work as background.