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Mish Dev


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NanniesforGrannies will be an interactive platform(website/application) to give elderly people the attention they need and deserve, by making it fun and rewarding!! This is for the caring sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, and grandparents who need a hand. The goal of NanniesforGrannies is to be a social project and experiment that could ultimately give people who have free-time an incentive to support the elderly, and even get paid for it! I want to create a place where teens with free time, students or unemployed people can make some money, or maybe even get free accommodation in return for helping out. Most importantly, it gets elderly folks and their families piece of mind and support they need. Cant afford a full-time nurse for your loved one? Are you an elderly person who needs a hand for a few hours at home? Or a son who just needs someone around to check up on Grandma while you are at work? Maybe you just want someone to talk to and give Grandpa a ride to the hospital or the store? Babys get baby-sitters, can't Granny have a Nanny? NanniesforGrannies is a marketplace for people to indicate their needs and access to a variety of Nannies: people who do it for charity, want to get paid, or maybe even looking for free accommodation in return for work. Additionally, the people who participate in this get the benefit of sharing some great life experience, stories, and do a major service to the community. Who said businesses cant be socially responsible? Once we launch I think we could expand to medical patients/veterans/handicapped etc.

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