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I am a woman with a masters degree in Soil Science. My past life was usually not a walk in the park. Despite unfavorable circumstances…, myself and other siblings managed to work hard and became successful. I have been a teacher for a number of years, during which I came across students with bright minds, who have the potential of becoming great leaders, but lack school fees. These students are usually chased away thereby missing some important lessons. It is this background that I started helping some students at my duty station. 2016 was awarded Young African Leaders Initiative fellowship in South Africa to be mentored and network with like-minded individuals in civic leadership. 2017 is when Youth Corps of Malawi was founded. The aim was to scale up the initiative and go beyond my duty station. To take on board individuals who can take this to the greater heights. We target underprivileged students who can rise above their circumstances and do well in academic arena.

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Alinafe Kachiguma