Comment on: Youth Corps of Malawi
June 28, 2018 23:04

@ Rownak, your comment is not related to my project, you have mistaken it for someone\'s. You may read mine again and do the needful.Do you have your own project/idea? Share the link, so I can appreciate your work. Thanks

Comment on: Youth Corps of Malawi
June 28, 2018 22:56

@ Phingo, thanks for your input. It\'s such feedback that carries me on and knowing that someone\'s life will change for the better. A lot of students are struggling financially and in other apects too. This project will have big impact with more participants on the ground, so spread the word to those who may have interest in such a cause, to help financially or in kind.


Comment on: Youth Corps of Malawi
June 15, 2018 18:52

Thanks Nawrath, This project does not have training component. It's about providing scholarships to students who are being trained already in government schools.

Comment on: Youth Corps of Malawi
June 15, 2018 06:56

Hey Shadi, thanks for your comments. Collaborating and partnering with other organisations is one of the project's activities, so as to leverage on their already existence on the ground, to source more funds so that we can scale up the assistance to tertiary students. Thanks once again

June 14, 2018 22:49

Knowledge is power, the saying goes. Continue researching in matters that are of significant importance in your community. I hope you get the funds soon for publishing your book

June 14, 2018 22:44

Solar energy is the way to go indeed considering high costs that come with other sources of energy. By the way, what's the main source of energy for electricity that side? Wishing you good luck.

Comment on: Youth Government
June 14, 2018 22:39

Hi Ahmad!
It's always great news to my ears to hear young people championing for peace and democracy. Nothing beats consistency and hardwork, keep up with the good work

June 14, 2018 22:32

Great idea. Recycling is a huge problem in most parts of Africa. To make matters worse, there isn't a proper disposable for such things. I hope you have sensitization component in your project activities. Wishing you all the best

June 14, 2018 22:23

There's a saying, "teach a child in ways she/he should grow" your dad did a great job in raising an entrepreneur. Nothing can beat entrepreneurship, it gives you sense of ownership in whatever you're doing. Wishing you all the best.

Comment on: Gray Marquees
June 14, 2018 22:15

Awesome project you have. I'm an entrepreneur too considering to go into your kind of business, renting event stuff and the like. It's great to dream when you're young and make them reality. Keep your head up and you will achieve more. Check my project and tell me what you think about it. Good luck!!!