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English Summer Camp

Have you ever thought about spending more hours with your friends an improving your English at the same time? We are going to organize a two-week English Summer Camp (ESC) in our school #31 in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine for pupils (from 1st to 10th grade) of different schools. In this camp children that study at primary school could enrich their English vocabulary by playing active games with each other, reading books in English and watching cartoons. Pupils of secondary school could take some lessons to prepare for their exams, improve ther writing and listening skills. They could also read poems of English writers and get know how to present their impression about the poems in a proper way. There would be a special program for students of high school. They would have a possibility to improve their public speaking skills by presenting their opinions about different worlds and humanitys global problems. And during entertaining part of the course students could watch their favorite English and American films and TV series in original language.

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