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Journalism, international relations, wildlife conservation, women's rights.

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Natalie is the Director of My Green World, as well as an animal activist and humanitarian. She has a degree in Journalism and is undertaking her Masters in International Relations at the University of Melbourne. She has worked as an animal attendant, a freelance writer (her article on Orang-Utans is in Living Vegan magazine), and a volunteer for Dogstar Foundation in Sri Lanka. In 2012, she spent time in Sri Lanka working with rescued elephants, as well as Malaysian Borneo, rehabilitating Orang-Utans. In 2014, Natalie went to Indonesia to run an education program and provide medical care for the animals of Surabaya’s ‘Zoo of Death’.

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Natalie Kyriacou


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My Green World- Game with a Cause

My Green World is an interactive game application for all ages that makes it possible for people to make real, positive changes in the natural world. My Green World is an application in which you can rescue, rehabilitate and release animals and their habitats within your own carefully crafted world. The efforts you make in your own Green World will help real-life charities rescue, rehabilitate, and conserve species and the environment. My Green World is partnering with 15 international non-profit organisations for the November launch of its innovative mobile application that will revolutionise the way people connect with environmental and wildlife conservation issues. Users will be required to select an animal or piece of forestry from the wild that is in dire need and nurse it back to health. Each animal and piece of environment within the game will represent a real-life charity, and the game will provide users with information regarding each particular species and habitat, and information pertaining to the charity that represents that species, with the option of donating and/or visiting the charitys website. After the user is familiarised with the specific species and information on a particular charity, they will be able to rehabilitate the animal or habitat before returning it to the wild. Throughout the game, users will have to fend off poachers, stop turtles from getting caught up in trawlers, and save animals from rainforest felling. There will be pop quiz's and a Hall of Fame to educate and allow users to share their experience. My Green World is simultaneously transforming gaming culture and restoring the natural environment. This application truly is a change to the status quo; utilising online activism to achieve tangible results in conservation.

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