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I play Basket ball, I worked in robotics

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My name is Naura BELIZAIRE, I am learning economics. I see myself as a hope of change for my community. Those who know me always say that I carry in myself wisdom, a sense of responsibility, respect for self and others, the spirit of organization, intelligence and so many others that I consider as important talents. What grabs my attention the most and that of many is my ability to think and organize. I dwell on it in order to achieve many things in my life. In everything I do, I take it seriously. I work hard to elevate my personality towards everyone. In fact, I have built a personality that is very useful to me. To conclude, I encourage all young people to make a good identity and move forward like me. However, you must consider your talents to develop what is good for building a good personality. Show in yourself the great capacity to help your community so that your talents are meaningful.

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