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Naura Belizaire


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I can sing but I don't sing often. I draw a lot. I write a lot. I play basketball. What I like about myself is my organizational spirit which I consider to be my greatest talent; And my sense of responsibility. I work a lot in robotics in my school.

I´m constantly looking for

mentors who will help me to find financial and material help to round up and complete my idea, advice, and supporters.

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I am a student. I like to work and I work very well. I do not let myself be diverted by bad things. I don’t give up when I see the possibilities of doing a few things. I’m brave. I still believe in myself. I’m a little bit shy. I always undertake small projects around me. My group and I succeeded in our first robotics project. With the perfect collaboration of a companion despite the difficulties encountered, I took courage and I went forward. I am often congratulated on everything I do. I am a good organizer. I always take all of my things seriously whether small or large. I always care to excel in what I do. I am a very orderly person and everyone who knows me knows it.