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Nelson Oluku


Project Overview


AB.EX is the first of its kind in Nigeria and in Africa. AB.EX is a website that allows letters to be sent Online and received physically. Unlike the emails and other forms of such communication, AB.EX puts everybody on the map. AB.EX also presents a unique form of advertisement when letters are sent, they are delivered with other contents in the envelope such as pamphlets, depending on what our partners want to send to the public. This form of advertising will be very beneficial to small scale businesses, as it would be affordable and very effective in their locality. Main Objectives; To physically deliver messages/cards sent online To promote literary artistry To enhance networking AB.EX services makes it possible for the busy workman to send letters and birthday cards to his mum in the village, where there is neither electricity nor internet. Activities Include; Delivery of Letters, cards and other literature Active Advertising Art, Literature, Culture Promotion Innovative approaches; Custom and fancy envelopes and papers Special Smileys and uniqueness of AB.EX writing style Participation of users in web services such as article writing and literary arts. Mobile app.

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