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Internet & Web related technologies.

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I need just a group of dedicated developers & web designers.

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I am Shailendra Singh Bais. I am a passionate Blogger, Freelancer, Developer & Solopreneur.

Since my early days I was fascinated towards Computers & Internet. My knowledge with different online Technologies date back to 1998-99.

I started my foray in IT world by playing with new Web Technologies & then later on moving to Blogging. Reading and writing about technology was my hobby.

After number of years of blogging as Ghost writer I had created my own first website http://www.netizensstop.com {No more mine}, with an aim to unravel technology to fellow bloggers and non-IT related people or the common man.

My area of interest and expertise is in area of Internet and internet related technologies. Apart from managing websites. I also collaborate with other IT experts in building websites and providing services best suitable to individuals and businesses.

I am mostly active on Facebook. I have participated here in this UNESCO run competition, so as to develop Industry innovative products as one of mine that POSITIVELY impact CLIMATE ACTION.

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Shailendra Singh Bais