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Barnabé Neto


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I’m 17 years old. I was a young congressman last year at my country. I pretty much apreciate all stuffs that have relations with peace, environment, politic and history.

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Make a Smile - Faça um Sorriso

Our idea is that in every school there is a group that retract in their own home recyclable materials and bring them to school. This group will be formed by students that had some problem at school, such as: low grades and made bullying with another student. At school they are going to do objects, these objects are our maker smiles, because they are going to hospitals, asylums, poor people or any place where the people are suffering by some problems. When the students are doing this work, they can learn a bit about the place and make the most important thing of this idea: make somebody happy by giving things made of recyclable materials.

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