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I am a graduate with bachelor of Tourism and cultural heritage studies with enough knowledge on aspects of Tourism industry.
I have good skills and knowledge on sustainable tourism and importance of local community involvement to achieve sustainability.
Any project should have beneficial impact to local people and to involve them from the beginning so as to attain success.

Local people should get profit from any business surrounding them direct or indirect.

I have several years working in different environmental involving activities that touched the SDGL in different aspects.

I want to establish a cousin center and general services that will be dealing with teaching cultural foods, ways of preparing and cooking and all farming procedures to get health and safe food on table for saving.
• This will provide job to different people and reduce poverty in community.
• This will influence good utilization of local materials/food staffs and recycling of resources uses
• It will reduce food vitamins inefficient among people by eating full locally processed menus
• By planting vegetables this gardens reduces greenhouses