Comment on: Teenage Mothers Squad
July 24, 2020 04:55

Hello, thank you all so much for your contribution. It will help a great deal. I believe so much that children don\'t have to suffer because of those who give birth to them, reason why the teenage mothers need to be well taught on how to cater for their children in other to stop poverty and hunger.
Please vote for my idea here

Comment on: Teenage Mothers Squad
June 22, 2020 13:45

Hello everyone,
It's been great being on this campus with great minds who seek to make the world better.
I am here to learn and would appreciate your comments, contributions and support on my idea, Teenage Mothers'Squad.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours friendly,


Comment on: Chicken 4All Ltd
June 22, 2020 13:33

Chicken 4All is a laudable idea. It will go a long way to meet the SDGs you have outline.
I can say that you have the interest of your community at heart, reason why you not only train them, but provide technical and marketing support as well as hygiene and safe environment. Good one.

Comment on: Preventing pandemics
May 15, 2020 02:23

It's so nice reading your ideas. The idea speaks for itself. Preventing pandemics, staying healthy when dealing with animals. I look forward to learning how to interact with animals and stay safe.

I am passionate about the reaction of teenagers towards sustainable development because many have not realized the potentials they have to develop the society and some don't want to act. I'm interested in making them realize that they have something to offer. I need a mentor and a guide.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.