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I am the founder of a new sporty game Boneza Ball, I have eight years of experience managing social enterprise projects and welfare grants at Rwanda Aid. I am artist for songs and handcrats.I have A2 degree in electronics and telecommunications. I have a bacherols degree in finance and completed masters studies in projects management.

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Financial support and partners in sport management and improve Boneza Ball equipment production

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My name is Jonas Ngirinshuti. I am Rwandan. I was born on 5th February 1989 and I am the fifth of fourteen children. I started developing entrepreneurship skills and artistic talents at eleven years old. I do visual arts, composing songs, singing and playing guitar. They enabled me to contribute in my schooling payments up to university training and also eight years of experience as welfare and enterprise development projects manager at Rwanda Aid and one year at Anglican Church Cyangungu Diocese.
Art and entrepreneurship skills inspired me to invent a Rwandan new sporty game known as Boneza Ball and it is helping people to meet for sport and new jobs creation purpose. I feel social-economic development as my passion and dreams for a bright future, and my contribution to our country development.

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Ngirinshuti Jonas