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Communication; leadership; cultural industries; orality; youth literature.

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Elongue is a cameroonian with strong communication and organisational skills gained in debate trainings and workshop. He realised an internship on youth literature at the National Library of France while concluding a master degree on Management of Cultural Industries as a scholarship holder at Senghor University Alexandria.
He’s tech savvy and passionately committed to education, youth entrepreneurship, women empowerment. He’s the Program Director of the International Network for the Promotion of Art of Speech in Africa, The Caribbean and The Pacific and President of Senghor Forensics Society. He has been the:
– Founder of Learn to Understand: an education centre helping university students to improve their academics and research skills.
– cofounder the Bilingual Club for National Unity.
– cofounder of Young Social Development Actors.
– Volunteer at Cameroon Debate Association.
– Member of Young African Leadership Initiative and International Youth Federation for Democracy and Peace.
He won the “Leopold Sedar Senghor Novel Contest, Prize PICADELF, 1st Prize of Short Story of the AUF, 3rd Best Speaker of the University of Dschang, 2nd “Best Serial Moocer in the World”. Awarded the Valedictorian Honor during Bachelor degree on Bilingual Letter and dux in Master I degree on “Africa and Globalization”.
Afropolitan, he dreams of a world without barriers with more love and respect within civilisations. Life holds special magic for those who dare to dream and dare to be the ever chosen one to touch the sky.He’s a big dreamer who never gives up until he achieves its goals. AFRICA GAWLO is the ideal solution to face the poor interest on books amongst African. As a bibliophile, he knows the power of reading in transforming people life. The Africa’s greatest poverty is made of insufficient intellectual minds who think together. We should more debate than fight. Words are our weapons.

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